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Precautions before operation of farmland sprinkler

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  • time:2021/8/24 14:14:00
Precautions before operation of farmland sprinkler

1. After the farmland sprinkler equipment is started, there is no water in 3 minutes, so it should be shut down for inspection

2. Observe whether the nozzle works normally and whether it rotates unevenly, too fast or too slow, which may not rotate

3. Observe whether the steering of farmland sprinkler irrigation equipment is flexible and whether there are abnormal phenomena

4. In order to adapt to different soil and crops, the nozzle needs to be replaced. When adjusting the nozzle speed, the rocker spring can be tightened or relaxed. The rocker arm is suspended on the rocker shaft. You can also turn the adjusting screw to adjust the water inlet depth of the rocker head to control the nozzle speed. Adjusting the reverse position can change the reverse speed

5. The rotation speed of the nozzle shall be adjusted well, and the rotation speed shall be as slow as possible on the premise of no surface runoff

applied in agriculture, lawn, villa, industrial irrigation and green belt. Easy installation, good water-saving performance! There are many kinds of sprinkler heads, which are widely used. Naturally, it is also because of its great effect