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40py2h agricultural metal rocker nozzle


time:2021/8/24 14:48:14

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40py2h agricultural metal rocker nozzle, metal sprinkler gun, copper air spindle brass shaft, interface dimension: RP2 ", nozzle diameter of nozzle: 14x4.5mm, working pressure: 0.35-0.45mpa, nozzle flow capacity: 14.28-16.30m3/h, nozzle range: 28-30.5m

agricultural farmland sprinkler equipment automatically rotates metal rocker arm high-pressure spray gun nozzle for fruit tree lawn field irrigation. Sprinkler heads are divided into rocker nozzles for farmland crops, buried lifting nozzles for landscape lawn sprinkler irrigation, and atomized micro nozzles for agricultural greenhouse crop sprinkler irrigation. Sprinkler heads are widely used in many industries and have different effects. Different industries have different available structures

1. There are many types of sprinkler heads. In case of selection, commodities with different materials can be selected according to their own requirements, such as industrial grade, agricultural and animal husbandry, fire safety, chemical plant, etc

2. It is cost-effective and convenient to select suitable nozzles according to their own application standards

3. Different industries have professional and available commodities, which will cause great damage if they are not selected properly