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20pys2 plastic nozzle


time:2021/8/24 14:48:10

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20pys2 plastic sprinkler gun, interface dimension: RP1 ", nozzle diameter of nozzle: 6x3mm, working pressure: 0.2-0.3mpa, nozzle flow capacity: 2.25-2.77m3/h, nozzle range: 15.8-20m

I. performance:
1. It is made of engineering plastics with high processing technology
2. The intensity of sprinkler irrigation is low, the degree of atomization is high, and the effect of sprinkler irrigation is good
II. Scope of application: it is widely applicable to the irrigation of flower nursery, garden green space, fruit trees and greenhouse crops
III. advantages:
1. Small flow, high irrigation uniformity and growth humidity for plant growth
2. The effect of saving water and increasing production is good, and the anti blocking performance is better than drip irrigation
3. Good atomization performance, which can adjust local microclimate

IV. installation method: ground plug type and upside down (hanging) type