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Brief introduction of rotary sprinkler on grass

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  • time:2022/5/18 10:46:00
Brief introduction of rotary sprinkler on grass

The most common rotary sprinkler is the sprinkler that sprays water on the grass. Usually, children are curious about this device, just like artificial rainfall

(1) Rocker rotary nozzle

This is a kind of sprinkler widely used in the market. As you can see, this sprinkler is used for sprinkler irrigation equipment on lawns or large agricultural plantations. The structure is that a rocker arm with a small baffle is arranged above the nozzle. When water appears along the pressure direction, it can drive the baffle to move and make the rocker rotate continuously. It can also cut off the water flow and form a water flow from far to near

The structure of the rotary nozzle is relatively simple, but when the weather is windy or the installation is not horizontal, abnormal water flow will be formed due to uneven rotation speed; There is also a nozzle with a vertical swing arm, regardless of whether it is horizontal or not. However, after the nozzle rotates at a certain angle, it will bear considerable pressure, which will lead to serious mechanical wear and its service life will not be very high

(2) Full jet nozzle

The function of the rotating nozzle is the wall attachment effect, that is, when spraying, make the water flow deviate from the center line, and then form an opposite force on the nozzle to promote the rotation of the nozzle, and then use the switch with commutator to switch the water flow direction, which can form fan-shaped sprinkler irrigation with the passage of time

There is also a stepping nozzle. The rotating nozzle adopts an intermittently controlled water flow element to make the water flow switch intermittently, so that the nozzle receives intermittent force and rotates continuously. In this case, the formation of water flow is a step rotating motion

(3) Refraction nozzle

The rotating nozzle uses an apron cone device, which first forms a dispersed water flow through the action of the apron cone of the fixed nozzle. It has several types of interior, exterior frame and fan-shaped painting. Now it is widely used in gardens or farmland. Its pressure is low, so the injection distance will not be very long

The a-impeller type rotary jet head branched by the device is a way to set an additional nozzle under the nozzle. The water sprayer drives the impeller to rotate and spray continuously. Through the steering device, the sprayed water droplets show a fan-shaped mechanism. This jet device is stable and basically not affected by wind, but its disadvantage is complex structure.