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Problems needing attention and maintenance explanation of sprinkler irrigation equipment before use

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  • time:2022/5/10 14:08:00
Problems needing attention and maintenance explanation of sprinkler irrigation equipment before use

With the development of agricultural mechanization, sprinkler irrigation equipment is also developing. At present, sprinkler irrigation equipment has played a great role in agricultural production. In this issue, I will show you what happens when the sprinkler irrigation equipment starts up? The details are as follows:

1 start: after the water pump is started, if there is no water within 3 minutes, stop the inspection immediately. Whether there is noise and vibration during the operation of the water pump. When the amount of water decreases, the machine should be shut down immediately. At this time, it should be noted that the bearing temperature should not exceed 75 ℃. Pay attention to whether the nozzle rotates unevenly too fast or too slowly, or even rotates unevenly. The impeller and nozzle of the pump shall be free from sediment abrasion, and the sprinkler irrigation equipment shall try to avoid using the water source with high mud content for sprinkler irrigation

2. When adjusting the nozzle speed, it can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the rocker spring. The rocker arm is suspended on the rocker shaft by rotating the adjusting screw, and the water depth of the rocker head can be adjusted to control the speed of the nozzle

3. A good nozzle speed regulation standard is that the speed can be changed by adjusting the reverse position without generating surface runoff. Use slow rotation as much as possible. Generally, the small nozzle rotates once every 1 ~ 2 minutes, the medium nozzle rotates once every 3 ~ 4 minutes, and the large nozzle rotates once every 5 ~ 7 minutes

1. Before winter, drain the water in the pump body and pump the water nozzle. Clean with clean water, oil, assemble, pack tightly and store in a dry place. Sprinkler irrigation belt pipes shall also be cleaned and dried. The hose shall be rolled into a disc to prevent cooling and drying

2. Remove the nozzle of the whole sprinkler irrigation equipment for self inspection, maintenance and replacement, remove the rotating parts, wipe off the dirt and residual water, apply some engine oil, and then apply the engine oil and save it

3. After the sprinkler irrigation season, the equipment shall be fully repaired. If problems occur, they should be handled in time to avoid bigger problems

4. Engine. The maintenance of the water pump shall be carried out in accordance with the instructions.