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How to choose the sprinkler head

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  • time:2022/4/22 13:00:00
How to choose the sprinkler head

Now many places need irrigation, such as agricultural irrigation, landscaping, coal yard irrigation, mine cleaning and so on. We must choose the appropriate sprinkler head according to our needs. Let's analyze how to select the nozzle type according to the environment used.

The principle of choosing sprinkler head is to find the type of sprinkler head with appropriate performance according to the landform, soil and plants. Before choosing, we should first know what kinds of sprinkler heads there are.

Take urban landscaping as an example. The sprinkler head is mainly buried. It can be divided into fixed style and rotary style to adapt to the ground environment of the spraying area. At the same time, according to the size of the ground area, the sprinkler head with far and near range can also be selected.

If the working environment has a narrow area, when selecting the sprinkler head of the sprinkler, give priority to the short-range sprinkler head. Most of the short-range sprinkler heads are of fixed style. They have good atomization effect and are very convenient to use; In the working environment with large area, medium and remote sprinkler heads should be given priority. They have a long range and can save a lot of irrigation expenses.

Of course, when selecting short-range and medium and long-range sprinkler heads, we should also consider the pressure of water supply. If there is not enough water supply pressure, even if the medium and long-range sprinkler head is selected, its function and effect will still not play out.

When selecting the sprinkler, we must also consider the water demand of surface plants on the ground to select the sprinkler type.