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Selection and installation of sprinkler heads under different conditions

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  • time:2022/12/21 14:51:00
Selection and installation of sprinkler heads under different conditions

The selection of sprinkler heads is based on the water flow of the sprinkler equipment area. The sprinkler head operating system is an important component under the working pressure to crush into fine water droplets. The water and spray can be locked evenly and timely. The sprinkler head includes micro sprinkler head, underground sprinkler head, crank arm sprinkler head, spray gun, etc..

The compressive strength of sprinkler irrigation equipment required for soil layer is the key factor affecting the selection of nozzles. Generally, sprinkler irrigation equipment will not generate large runoff in a short period of time. The soil layer is allowed with the soil type and gradient. The allowable soil layers of all categories for sprinkler irrigation equipment are shown in Table 1.

If the ground slope exceeds 5%, the same soil layer allows the sprinkler equipment to lift the ground slope to reduce. The road surface of Zhengdong New Area is relatively flat for greening, and the impact of slope protection can be ignored. It is clarified that the sprinkler head is not a higher allowable compressive strength than the soil layer requirements.

Soil aeration, water permeability, loose structure, gravel and soil, so small sprinkler irrigation equipment shall be used to bury the spreading sprinkler in the middle of reducing the operating temperature of sprinkler 0 to 0.25-0.25MPa.

Secondly, the nozzle for road greening on the main road, and the nozzle composition layout includes the nozzle spacing and composition. The nozzle landform consists of a variety of elements, such as wind, which generally consists of two types of rectangle and triangle. In the simple combined square layout, the fluidity of each branch pipe is more balanced, and the multi block standard is available; The triangle produces a strong anti weathering layer, and the spray has a high uniformity, but the flow rate is not easy, so as to balance each branch pipe, which is suitable for the irregular double piece. The greening land resources of the main road belong to the standard, which is composed of square shapes. The spacing of matched nozzles is shown in Table 2.