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The great benefits of sprinkler irrigation equipment to agriculture

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  • time:2022/11/9 9:41:00
The great benefits of sprinkler irrigation equipment to agriculture

As we all know, water-saving irrigation has become a widely accepted irrigation method. As a way of water-saving irrigation, sprinkler irrigation has realized water-saving irrigation in a real sense.

Sprinkler irrigation is also called water spray irrigation, that is, water pressurized by water pumps (or self pressurized by reservoirs) is piped to the fields, and then shot into the air by sprinklers (water guns) to become raindrops on the ground for irrigation. Sprinkler irrigation has high working pressure and large rainfall, which is suitable for the irrigation of bamboo gardens, orchards and vegetable gardens. Micro sprinkling irrigation refers to sprinkling irrigation with small water volume and water pressure. The water sprayed from micro sprinkler irrigation is like "drizzle", which is suitable for the irrigation of crops such as vegetables and flowers that are easy to be "knocked down" by large water drops, especially for the irrigation of greenhouse crops with high air humidity requirements. Drip irrigation is also known as drip irrigation, that is, drip irrigation belts or drippers are used to infiltrate water into the soil drop by drop, which vividly means to "hang salt water" on crops

As the saying goes, "The rain and dew nourish the seedlings". Drip spraying irrigation can timely and appropriately irrigate according to the needs of crops, coordinate the elements of soil water, air, fertilizer and heat, promote the growth of crop roots, and spray irrigation can wash the leaf surface of crops to make stomata smooth, which is conducive to respiration and photosynthesis, increasing the yield of general crops by 10%~30%, and increasing the yield of vegetables exponentially. Improve quality. For example, the fruit cracking caused by rainstorm or flood irrigation is a headache for fruit farmers. The spray drip irrigation can drop water evenly, greatly reducing the occurrence of fruit cracking. The rate of top quality fruit increases from 50% to 90%, and the income increase benefit is better. Save water and cost. Sprinkler irrigation, micro sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation can save about 50%, 60% and 70% of water respectively, which is the most potential agricultural water-saving technology. At the same time, reduce the labor force such as irrigation, fertilization, disease prevention and insect control, and soil hardening, and save the corresponding labor, fertilizer, and pesticide costs of 100~200 yuan/mu.