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Basic introduction of sprinkler irrigation technology

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  • time:2022/4/14 16:28:00
Basic introduction of sprinkler irrigation technology

Sprinkler irrigation is a mechanized and efficient water-saving irrigation technology. It uses special equipment to pressurize the water or uses the natural drop of water to send the pressurized water to the irrigation section. It is sprayed into the air through the sprinkler and scattered into small water droplets, which are evenly distributed in the field for irrigation. There are many forms of sprinkler irrigation system, including pipe type, translation type, central support shaft type, reel type and light and small unit type. Sprinkler irrigation system relies on pipeline for water delivery, which basically has no water delivery loss, and can better control the irrigation intensity and amount. The irrigation is uniform without leakage, and has obvious water-saving effect. Generally, the water consumption is 30% - 50% less than that of surface irrigation. Sprinkler irrigation has strong adaptability and can be used for various types of soil, terrain and crops. It is widely used to irrigate field crops, cash crops, vegetables and garden grasslands. However, sprinkler irrigation is greatly affected by wind, with large evaporation loss, and insufficient wetting of the soil bottom may occur.

Before operation of sprinkler irrigation equipment system, check whether the status of main equipment is normal. For example, whether the turning of the water pump is flexible and free of noise, whether the long shaft deep well pump is filled with an appropriate amount of pre moistening water, whether the leakage protector is sensitive, whether the three-phase voltage is normal, whether the oil level of the diesel engine is appropriate, whether the cooling water and diesel oil are sufficient, whether the operation of the control valve is flexible and in the closed position, whether the pressure gauge, vacuum gauge and water gauge are normal, whether the field mobile pipeline or unit has been set, etc.