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Three requirements for sprinkler irrigation equipment operation

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  • time:2022/5/27 14:03:00
Three requirements for sprinkler irrigation equipment operation

The equipment used in sprinkler irrigation project mainly includes sprinkler, water pump, power machine, sprinkler and other main engineering equipment, as well as control, pressure regulation, measurement, electrical control and other auxiliary equipment. The requirements for the operation management of engineering equipment during the operation of sprinkler irrigation system are as follows

1、 General requirements for sprinkler irrigation equipment operation

Before the overall sprinkler irrigation project of sprinkler irrigation equipment is operated, the operating procedures and operating requirements shall be formulated for each equipment according to the product specifications and design conditions. The operation of sprinkler irrigation system shall meet the requirements of operating procedures, water use plan and rotation irrigation group. The system shall operate according to the design working pressure of sprinkler irrigation works and within the design wind speed range. When the wind speed exceeds the design wind speed, it is easy to produce leakage and poor uniformity, which will affect the spraying quality of sprinkler irrigation works. During the operation of sprinkler irrigation project, carefully make operation records, including equipment operation time, system working pressure and flow, energy consumption, troubleshooting, charging, personnel on duty, etc., and regularly check the operation of sprinkler irrigation equipment

1. Preparation of sprinkler irrigation equipment before operation

Before the sprinkler irrigation equipment system operates, check whether the main equipment status is normal. For example, whether the turning gear of the water pump is flexible and noiseless, whether the long shaft deep well pump is filled with an appropriate amount of pre wetting water, whether the leakage protector is sensitive, whether the three-phase voltage is normal, whether the oil level of the diesel engine is appropriate, whether the cooling water and diesel oil are sufficient, whether the control valve acts flexibly and is in the closed position, whether the pressure gauge, vacuum gauge and water gauge are normal, and whether the mobile pipeline or device on site has been set

2. Startup of sprinkler irrigation equipment system

The sprinkler irrigation equipment system shall be started in strict accordance with the sequence of operation process. Before starting the centrifugal pump, open all valves on the pump suction pipe and close the control valve on the outlet pipe. The power machine shall be started under no-load or light load. After startup, observe whether the indicated values of ammeter, vacuum gauge and pressure gauge are normal, whether the equipment operation sound is normal, and whether the diesel engine speed regulation and exhaust are normal. In case of any abnormality, stop the machine immediately for inspection. After confirming normal startup, slowly open the control valve on the outlet pipe to supply water to the pipe network

3. Sprinkler irrigation system operates normally

After the sprinkler irrigation system operates normally, regularly check whether the voltage, current, pressure, vacuum degree and other indicated values are normal. Check whether the temperature of motor and bearing rises, whether the water dripping amount of water pump packing is appropriate, and regularly check the pollution and blockage. When the last irrigation area turns to the next irrigation area after spraying, check whether the new working condition is normal. Pay attention to judge whether the system works normally from the spray area and atomization of the nozzle. During the operation of large sprinkler irrigation machine, its operation status should be monitored frequently, and each tower should be basically kept in a straight line.