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How to choose lawn sprinkler irrigation equipment

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  • time:2022/6/6 13:39:00
 How to choose lawn sprinkler irrigation equipment

There are many kinds of lawn sprinkler irrigation equipment. According to the range, they can be divided into small range scattering sprinkler (less than 6 meters), medium range rotary sprinkler (6-15 meters) and large range rotary sprinkler (more than 15 meters). The range and flow of the same type of sprinkler are different with different nozzles or under different pressures.

When selecting the sprinkler, first select the sprinkler with appropriate range according to the size and shape of the plot; In addition, the pressure of the water source should be considered, and then the nozzle number of the nozzle should be selected by referring to the data provided by the manufacturer. You can also consult the local dealer.

Applicable conditions of drip irrigation belt in sprinkler irrigation equipment:

1. It is used for planting greenhouse and greenhouse crops to reduce diseases and pests, save chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and improve economic benefits.

2. For orchard irrigation, it can effectively increase yield, improve fruit quality, and effectively control the growth of weeds.

3. It is suitable for cotton, Chinese herbal medicine, watermelon, field vegetables and other field crops to improve the intensity of mechanized planting.

4. The drip irrigation belt can be bent around the ridge for easy operation.