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Why doesn't the metal rocker nozzle rotate

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  • time:2022/6/23 14:57:00
Why doesn't the metal rocker nozzle rotate

1. the sprinkler head works normally but does not rotate or rotates too slowly. If it is a newly installed sprinkler equipment, it may be that the sleeve shaft is too tight when the sprinkler head is installed; It can be properly loosened, or the clearance between the hollow shaft and the sleeve shaft is too small, and the clearance can be appropriately increased; If the sprinkler irrigation equipment turns slower after being used for a period of time, it may be hollow

2. the rotation range of rocker arm is small, and the sprinkler irrigation effect coverage area of sprinkler irrigation equipment is small. It may be that the rocker arm spring is pressed too tightly, which can be properly loosened; The rocker arm is installed too high, and the water pressure is insufficient after the water flows to the water guide; The connection between rocker arm and rocker shaft of sprinkler irrigation equipment is too tight, and the clearance shall be increased appropriately; The water pressure of the water source is insufficient, and the water pressure shall be increased appropriately.

3. the rotation range of the rocker arm is normal, but the knocking is weak. It may be that the deflector cut into the water tongue too deep, so that the rocker arm force can not fully act on the spray body and it will be reopened. The percussion should be thickened quickly.

4. the percussion frequency of rocker arm is unstable, which is fast or slow. If the fit between the rocker arm and the shaft in the sprinkler irrigation equipment is loose or the rocker arm shaft is loose, retighten it.