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What role can the use of sprinklers in farmland play

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  • time:2022/10/20 12:58:00
What role can the use of sprinklers in farmland play

In agriculture, sprinklers are widely used and play a big role. What is very important to pay attention to in agricultural operations? The field planning and layout of sprinkler irrigation system shall comprehensively consider the shape and size of irrigation area and irrigation plot, water source location and type, power source location, forest belt, field obstacles, management mode, convenient installation and maintenance and other factors.

The determination of the midpoint support position of the sprinkler shall comprehensively consider the following factors:

1. The area of irrigation area or irrigated land is small.

2. The mid point support of the sprinkler is close to the water source and/or power supply.

3. There are no electric poles, high-rise buildings, ancient and famous trees of the sprinkler and other non removable obstacles within the physical length coverage of the sprinkler.

4. The sprinkler is easy to install and maintain.

5. When it is not used for a long time in non irrigation seasons, the sprinkler can be parked at a location convenient for nursing. The distance between sprinkler and adjacent facilities (objects) shall meet the following requirements:

The distance between the midpoint supports of two adjacent sprinklers shall be at least 3m greater than the sum of the physical lengths of the two sprinklers. The distance between the sprinkler end nozzle (or end spray gun) and buildings, trees and other obstacles shall not be less than 2m.