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How to select the appropriate sprinkler?

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  • time:2022/10/10 10:15:00
How to select the appropriate sprinkler?

The commonly used sprinkler irrigation machines are: micro sprinkler irrigation machine, large sprinkler irrigation machine, translational sprinkler irrigation machine, mobile sprinkler irrigation machine, disc sprinkler irrigation machine, pointer sprinkler irrigation machine, central pivot sprinkler irrigation machine, circular sprinkler irrigation machine, double cantilever sprinkler irrigation machine, etc. Sprinkler irrigation has a variety of applications, mainly for crops, forestry nurseries, livestock pastures, vegetables and fruit trees, cash crops, garden turf, flowers, etc. In addition, it is also used for environmental protection (such as dust prevention, wind prevention, dry hot air, frost prevention, cooling, etc.), sewage treatment, pond oxygenation, liquid fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, pesticides, etc. Sprinkler irrigation has good adaptability and is suitable for any crop, soil, terrain, region and climate conditions.

Sprinkler irrigation technology has the characteristics of saving water, saving working hours, improving land use efficiency, contributing to crop yield increase and strong adaptability.

Attention shall be paid when purchasing sprinkler:

1. The sprinkler must meet the standard requirements: when purchasing the sprinkler, first check whether its products meet the standards, industry standards or local standards. If there is no sprinkler that meets the standards, industrial standards or local standards, it shall have an enterprise standard sprinkler registered by the technical supervision department at or above the provincial level.

2. The sprinkler head and pipeline pressure must meet the use requirements: the sprinkler head and pipeline shall be selected scientifically and reasonably according to the use requirements of sprinkler irrigation. The quality of sprinkler irrigation operation not only depends on the performance of the sprinkler head, but more importantly, the inlet pressure of the pipeline and branch pipe, which depends on the combined working pressure of the sprinkler head, is the basic sprinkler in the design of sprinkler irrigation area.

3. The supporting pipes and pipe fittings must be qualified products: the selected supporting pipes and pipe fittings should meet the corresponding technical standards, and have a full item test report issued by a testing agency at or above the provincial level.