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Use and maintenance of farmland sprinkler irrigation equipment

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  • time:2022/7/4 8:57:00
Use and maintenance of farmland sprinkler irrigation equipment

1. Before use, check whether the nozzle riser is vertical and whether the support is stable. If the vertical pipe is not vertical, it will affect the reliability of nozzle rotation and the uniformity of water distribution. If the support is not installed firmly, the sprinkler may be overturned due to the water power ejected by the sprinkler during operation, and the sprinkler may be damaged.

2. Before starting, check whether the valves on the main pipe and branch pipe are closed, and then start the water pump. After the water pump reaches the rated speed, slowly open the main valve and the valves on each branch pipe to ensure that the water pump starts under low load, avoid overload, and prevent pipe vibration caused by water hammer.

3. Pay attention to monitoring the pressure of each part of the sprinkler system at any time during operation. It is required that the hydraulic loss of the main pipe shall not exceed the economic value, and the pressure reduction of the branch pipe shall not exceed 20% of the high pressure of the branch pipe.

4. During the operation of sprinkler irrigation equipment, observe whether the intensity of sprinkler irrigation equipment is appropriate at any time. The soil surface is required to be free from runoff and ponding. Otherwise, the intensity of sprinkler irrigation equipment is too high. The strength of small sprinkler irrigation equipment.

5. The uniformity of irrigation water should be monitored at any time during the operation of sprinkler irrigation equipment. If necessary, rain gauges shall be uniformly arranged in the spraying area. The combined uniformity of sprinkler irrigation equipment shall be measured and calculated, and its value shall be greater than or equal to 0.8. If the measured uniformity is poor, we can try to make up for it by improving the uniformity of sprinkler irrigation equipment in the whole irrigation season.

6. Strictly observe the operating procedures and pay attention to safety during operation, especially to prevent water tongue from spraying on the live line. When moving the pipeline, pay attention to avoid the line to prevent leakage accidents.

7. During operation, all parts of the sprinkler system should be checked at any time. After the completion of each sprinkler irrigation equipment, the machine, pump and nozzle shall be cleaned. The rotating parts should be lubricated and derusted in time. And drain the water in the pipe to prevent cracking.

8. When the use season of sprinkler irrigation equipment ends or the sprinkler irrigation equipment is not used for a long time, a comprehensive inspection of the sprinkler irrigation equipment system should be carried out. The nozzle should be disassembled and the hollow shaft, sleeve shaft, gasket and other rotating parts should be checked for abnormal wear. Damaged parts should be repaired or repaired in time. Replace. After the whole system is cleaned, oil the hollow shaft, sleeve shaft, rocker spring, rocker shaft and fan-shaped machinery, and then install. The sleeve shaft and other parts shall be installed with oil. The water in the pipeline should be drained. The antirust layer shall be repaired. The moving hose should be washed clean and then completely dried. After all equipment is completed, it should be stored in a dry room