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Spray frame


time:2021/8/24 14:48:49



Spray rack tripod
for: 50py2h (2.5 "sprinkler / 2.5" hose)
40py2h (2 "sprinkler / 2" hose)
30py2h (1.5 "sprinkler / 2" hose or 1.5 "hose)

Xinchang rainwater sprinkler Machinery Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating design, production and sales, specializing in the production of all kinds of metal rocker sprinkler heads, metal sprinkler heads, water pumps, self-priming pumps Agricultural sprinkler irrigation equipment such as sprinkler irrigation machine and water pump unit are widely used in orchard sprinkler irrigation, farmland drainage and irrigation, factory and mine dust removal, cooling, urban greening and other places
characteristics of sprinkler irrigation:
1. Sprinkler irrigation can control the amount and uniformity of water spraying, avoid surface runoff and deep leakage loss, and greatly improve the utilization rate of water. Generally, it saves 30-50% of water than surface irrigation. Water saving also means saving power and reducing irrigation cost
2. Sprinkler irrigation is convenient for mechanization and automation, and can save a lot of labor. Because the water conveyance ditch in the field is cancelled, it is not only conducive to mechanical operation, but also greatly reduces the amount of labor between workers. Sprinkler irrigation can also be combined with chemical fertilizer and pesticide, which can save a lot of labor. According to statistics, the labor required for sprinkler irrigation is only 1 / 5 of that for surface irrigation
3. Improve land use efficiency: when sprinkler irrigation is used, there is no need for irrigation ditches and ridges in the field. It can make full use of cultivated land and improve land use efficiency than ground irrigation. Generally, the cultivated area can be increased by 7-10%
4. Yield increase: sprinkler irrigation is conducive to strictly control soil moisture and keep soil moisture within the range suitable for crop growth. Moreover, sprinkler irrigation can wash away the dust on the plant stems and leaves, which is conducive to plant respiration and photosynthesis. In addition, sprinkler irrigation will not cause damage such as soil erosion, so as to maintain the aggregate structure of the soil and make the soil loose and porous. In this way, the ventilation will be better, which is conducive to increasing production, especially the yield of vegetables