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Aluminum hose connector


time:2021/9/11 10:41:29

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Aluminum hose connector

Aluminum hose coupling 1. 5" 2" 2. 5" 3" 4"

Agricultural buckle is the most important connection between water hoses. Pay attention to these during installation:

1. Connect the internal buckle interface: the buckle claw shall be inserted into the chute and then screwed in place clockwise. When connecting the agricultural hose, the hose shall also be straightened to prevent the agricultural hose from twisting and causing the interface to disengage automatically.

2. The joint should not be too tight or loose during installation, and the force should be moderate to prevent sliding wire. The anti-skid pad of the joint must be consistent with the thread to prevent water leakage.

3. The joint shall be prevented from falling, bumping and heavy pressure to prevent deformation and difficult assembly and disassembly. Before connection, carefully check the chute and sealing parts. If there are sundries such as sludge and sand particles, they must be removed to avoid poor sealing and difficult assembly and disassembly.

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