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Before installation, the nozzle of the hose shall be preset. The nozzle with adjustable spraying fan angle shall be adjusted to the required angle according to the requirements of the actual terrain for the spraying fan angle; The top of the nozzle shall be level with the ground, which requires that the top of the nozzle shall be lower than the loose ground when installing the nozzle, so as to leave room for future ground settlement, or install the nozzle when the ground is no longer settled. A drainage device shall be installed on the main pipe and each branch pipe to facilitate pipeline flushing and anti freezing in winter. Even in the southern region without freezing damage, the pipeline shall generally be vented in non irrigation seasons to prevent water from staying in the pipeline for a long time to produce microorganisms, adhering to the pipe wall and nozzle and affecting the sprinkler irrigation effect.

In case of system pressure change or large topographic relief, pressure regulating equipment shall be installed at the branch valve, and air inlet and exhaust valves and pressure relief valves shall also be installed at the necessary agricultural hose pipe section to protect the safety of the system.

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