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30ph2h metal garden irrigation nozzle


time:2021-8-24 14:48:19

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30py2h metal garden irrigation nozzle
metal sprinkler gun
copper air spindle shaft
interface dimension: rp11 / 2 "
nozzle diameter of nozzle: 10x4mm
working pressure: 0. 3-0. 4MPa
nozzle flow capacity: 7. 16-8. 27m3 / h
nozzle range: 23. 5-25. 5m

precautions for metal garden irrigation nozzle:

1. Please When used within the design pressure range, if the pressure exceeds or lacks, the nozzle may not rotate or damage the spray gun.
2. When installing the interface, please increase the sealing material to prevent decompression caused by water leakage.
3. The main body of the spray gun is made of aluminum alloy. During installation and use, please do not hit or impact to prevent damage.
4. Regular maintenance, The thread at the bottom of the gun body and the commutator are often coated with butter or other lubricating oil to prevent rust and prolong the service life.

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