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15px-22.5 ° metal orchard irrigation nozzle


time:2021-8-24 14:48:23

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15px-22. 5 ° metal orchard irrigation nozzle
metal sprinkler gun
copper air spindle brass shaft
interface dimension: RP3 / 4 "
nozzle diameter of nozzle: 5x3mm
working pressure: 0. 3-0. 4MPa
nozzle flow capacity: 2. 07-2. 42m3 / h
nozzle range: 14. 3-15m

sprinkler irrigation: suitable for hills, slopes An orchard in an irregular garden. There are two types of sprinkler irrigation: fixed or mobile. The height of the sprinkler is at the top of the crown, the center of the crown and around the trunk. This method has the advantage of saving water and labor. In addition to irrigation, some operations such as spraying, fertilizing and spraying hormones should also be considered. It can prevent frost in spring and high temperature in summer, and can increase the yield of fruit trees by 5-10%. This method requires special equipment and a lot of investment. The facilities remain in the orchard for a long time and are difficult to take care of. Applications have been declining in recent years. Now it is widely used in the production of fruit trees, vegetables and flowers. There are many types of sprinkler nozzles

in the application of drip irrigation equipment for fruit trees, we must pay attention to the following aspects:
first, the irrigation pipelines and drippers are very easy to block, and the requirements for water bodies are high, so filter devices should be installed
Second, the investment in irrigation projects is high, and the economic benefits of crops should be taken into account
Third, irrigation can not adjust the regional climate of the field, so it is not suitable to water in the freezing period. Drip irrigation systems cannot be used to irrigate farmyard manure in vegetables and fruits