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ZP-15N-5 sprinkler


time:2021/8/24 14:48:41

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Sprinkler irrigation machine ZP-15N-5 (ZP-15S-5)
  Diesel engine: s1100n, 15 HP condensing type (or S1100, 15 HP water cooling type)
water pump: 80bpz-40
inlet and outlet diameter: 3 ", lift 40m, flow 48m3 / h, suction 6.5m
nozzle rack: 50py2h   2 sets of
working pressure: 5.0 kg / cm2, range 40m (radius)
3-inch water absorbing rubber pipe: 7m,
outlet pipe: 90m
high wheel trolley frame

sprinkler irrigation machine is an important equipment for irrigation in various occasions. It can not only effectively improve work efficiency, but also save water. Therefore, more and more people will choose sprinklers for various watering tasks. Agricultural sprinkler irrigation machines are mainly used in agriculture, such as farmland sprinkler irrigation, crop sprinkler irrigation, fruit tree sprinkler irrigation, etc. However, agricultural sprinkler heads must be prepared before use to prevent unnecessary failures

it is suitable for field irrigation of farmland crops and farms. The spray intensity can be adjusted automatically. It is also suitable for dust-proof occasions such as power plants, ports, sports fields and urban green spaces

the sprinkler truck shall reach the specified starting position under the traction of tractor or winch