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How to save water and increase production in the operation of sprinkler irrigation machine

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  • time:2022/3/26 10:55:00
How to save water and increase production in the operation of sprinkler irrigation machine

Three important contents of sprinkler irrigation technology are: sprinkler irrigation intensity, water droplet atomization and sprinkler irrigation uniformity. These elements are also used to measure irrigation water quality. The sprinkler irrigation machine must have high irrigation quality to ensure water conservation. So, how to save water when operating sprinkler irrigation machine?

When the sprinkler is used for sprinkler irrigation, the intensity of sprinkler irrigation shall be moderate, the uniformity shall be high, and the water droplet atomization effect shall be good.

The emitters of micro irrigation system are different, so its system classification is also different. It is generally divided into irrigation system, micro sprinkler irrigation system, small official outflow system and infiltration irrigation system.

Practicability of sprinkler irrigation machine:

Sprinkler irrigation is to send the pressurized water formed by the pressurization or drop of the water pump to the field through the pressure pipe, and then spray it in the air by the nozzle to evenly drop the formed small water droplets to the field, so as to realize the purpose of irrigation. It can improve the uniformity of irrigation, the comprehensive utilization of water and the automatic management of sprinkler irrigation machine.

Using sprinkler irrigation technology, this technology can achieve significant effects such as labor saving, water saving and yield increase. In addition, it can improve the microclimate in the field, such as cooling and humidification, so it has better practicability.