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What if the sprinkler irrigation equipment doesn't come out after it is started?

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  • time:2021/9/11 13:14:00
What if the sprinkler irrigation equipment doesn't come out after it is started?

1. During the operation of the water pump, if there are abnormal phenomena, such as vibration, noise, water drop, etc., it shall be shut down immediately, pay attention to the bearing temperature rise, and the temperature shall not exceed 75 ℃.

2. Inspect whether the sprinkler equipment is normal and whether there are signs of uneven rotation, too slow, too fast and no rotation. Inspect whether the steering is mobile and whether there are abnormal phenomena.

3. It should be managed to prevent the use of water with excessive sediment content for sprinkler irrigation, otherwise it is easy to wear the impeller of the water pump and the nozzle of the nozzle, and affect the growth of crops.

4. In order to be suitable for use in other soil and crops, when it is necessary to change the nozzle and adjust the nozzle speed, it can be realized by loosening or tightening the rocker spring. The rocker arm is suspended on the rocker shaft. You can also rotate the adjusting screw to adjust the water inlet depth of the rocker head to control the nozzle speed. The position of the mediation rotation can change the inversion rate.

5. The good mark of nozzle speed adjustment is that even if the slow rotation rate is accepted without surface runoff, generally, the small nozzle rotates once in 1-2 minutes, the medium nozzle rotates once in 3-4 minutes, and the large nozzle rotates once in 5-7 minutes.