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Type and application scope of water pump

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  • time:2021-9-25 15:31:00
  Type and application scope of water pump

Generally, all kinds of pumps are named according to their purpose. The name of the pump includes information such as operation mode, application scope of the pump or transmission medium.

1、 According to the operating state, the types of water pumps are as follows:

1. In addition to the working pump, there are standby pump and standby pump.

2. The main pump sometimes includes booster pump or feed pump and other booster pumps.

3. According to the working mode, it is divided into: full load operation pump or basic load operation pump, partial load operation pump (such as half load operation pump) or low load operation pump, peak load operation pump, auxiliary pump, starting pump and emergency pump.

2、 According to the application scope of water pumps, the types of water pumps are as follows:

1. According to the process or process use, there are many types of water pumps. Only common names are listed below

2. In the fields of water supply, drainage, irrigation and sewage treatment, water supply pumps and feed pumps are used, and non negative pressure water supply equipment (see variable frequency water supply equipment) deep well pumps, deep well submersible pumps, irrigation pumps, pumping pumps, water transfer pumps, flood control pumps and rainwater pumps are used.

3. The diesel engine water pump is used for the generator set, and the boiler feed water pump (water supply pump), condensate pump, reactor pump, water storage and energy storage pump (usually used in pump drive and turbine drive), hot water pump and heating water circulating pump are used in the heating equipment.

4. In the field of chemical and petrochemical industry, chemical pumps, pipeline pumps, refining pumps, process pumps, pipeline pumps, loading and unloading pumps, mixing pumps and reflux pumps are used.

5. In the shipbuilding industry, marine pumps, cargo oil pumps (tanker unloading), pressure planting pumps, bilge pumps, dock pumps and tut water propulsion pumps are used (pumping and draining the dock).

6. Mine pumps, mining pumps, fire pumps, booster pumps, scavenging pumps and ventilation pumps are used in other applications

3、 According to the types of medium water pumps:

1. The water pump is often named according to the name of the transmission medium.

2. Common pumps are mainly used to transport the liquid composed of water. Including pure water pump, drinking water pump, hot water pump, cooling water pump, seawater pump, sewage lifting pump, liquid fertilizer pump, stable liquid pump, slurry pump, slurry pump, impurity pump, pulping pump and plant fiber pump.

3. The types of water pumps named after other transported media include oil pump (fuel pump, lubricating oil pump), fuel pump, heat carrier transfer pump, coolant pump, liquefied gas pump, grease pump, acid pump, alkali pump, beverage pump (milk pump, beer pump or wine pump), fish suction pump, beet pump, fruit pump and concrete pump (transport liquid concrete to the construction site along the pipeline; do not confuse it with concrete volute pump) and cooling water pump.