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How to install the water pump?

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  • time:2021-9-25 15:46:00
How to install the water pump?

Water pumps are often used in our daily life. They can be used not only in agriculture, but also in garden architecture. However, people who use the pump for the first time may not know how to use it. If it is not installed correctly, it will not only accelerate the service life of the pump, but also cause accidents and endanger the safety of our lives and property.

Installation method of water pump:

1. If the geographical environment permits, the water pump shall be as close to the water source as possible to reduce the length of the suction pipe. The foundation at the installation place of the water pump shall be firm, and a special foundation shall be built for the fixed pump station.

2. The water inlet pipeline shall be sealed reliably, must have special support, and cannot be hung on the water pump. For the inlet pipe equipped with bottom valve, the axis of the bottom valve shall be installed perpendicular to the horizontal plane as far as possible, and the included angle between the axis and the horizontal plane shall not be less than 45 °. When the water source is a channel, the bottom valve shall be more than 0.50m higher than the water bottom, and screening shall be added to prevent sundries from entering the pump.

3. The base of the machine and pump shall be horizontal and firmly connected with the foundation. When the machine and pump are driven by belt, the tight edge of the belt is at the bottom, so the transmission efficiency is high, and the rotation direction of the water pump impeller shall be consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow; When coupling transmission is adopted, the machine and pump must be coaxial.

4. The installation position of the water pump shall meet the requirements of allowable vacuum suction height, and the foundation must be horizontal and stable to ensure that the rotation direction of the power machinery is consistent with that of the water pump.

5. If there are multiple units in the same machine room, there shall be a distance of more than 800mm between units and between units and walls.

6. The suction pipe of the water pump must be well sealed, and elbows and gate valves shall be reduced as far as possible. Air shall be exhausted during filling and water diversion. Air shall not accumulate in the pipe during operation. The suction pipe is required to be slightly inclined to connect with the water inlet of the water pump, and the water inlet shall have a certain submergence depth.

A water pump is a machine that conveys or pressurizes liquid. It transfers the mechanical energy or other external energy of the prime mover to the liquid so as to increase the energy of the liquid, which is mainly used for conveying liquid, including water, oil, acid-base fluid, emulsion, suspending emulsion and liquid metal, etc., and can also transport liquid, gas mixture and liquid containing suspended solids.

The above methods can be used for reference.