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Precautions for installation and use of sprinkler irrigation equipment for green

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  • time:2021-10-8 14:12:00
 Precautions for installation and use of sprinkler irrigation equipment for green

How to choose lawn sprinkler?

For many types of lawn nozzles, the range can be divided into small scattering head (divided into < 6m), medium range rotary nozzle (6-15m) and large range rotary nozzle (> 15m). The range and flow are different from the same type of head or nozzles with different pressures. When selecting the nozzle range, you must first select the appropriate head size and block shape; In addition, consider the source of pressurized water, and then refer to the data provided by the manufacturer to select the number of nozzle heads. You can consult your local dealer.

Why do lawn irrigation adopt special nozzles?

Lawn special nozzle main nozzle lifting device is buried. When not working, the nozzle hidden under the surface does not affect the overall landscape and the work of lawn turf machinery, and its effect is better than that of ordinary nozzle farms. Therefore, regular lawn irrigation systems usually use a dedicated lawn nozzle.

How to determine the nozzle arrangement spacing?

The general principle of nozzle spacing is the measurement of nozzle spacing within the scope of use. In the actual layout, the width and length of lawn 0 are available. 8-1。 When the head is 2 times the average spacing. This can ensure the good combination of irrigation uniformity of irrigation system.

Why do you want to install corner nozzles on the lawn?

The first is the reason for uniformity. Because although the inner range of the nozzle block can cover the corner range, it is impossible to achieve a better uniformity of irrigation without angle combination with the nozzle; In addition, the corner angle of the nozzle is adjusted to 180.90 according to the actual terrain. Or other angles (please note that according to different angles, this is the amount of water with different nozzles from the middle full Park, which can be calculated in proportion), so that the water will not be sprayed onto the land externally, thus reducing the impact of waste of water and pedestrians.

Why should the head be supported by the hinge joint installation (Qianqiu frame)?

When installing the head, in order to avoid direct pressure from the nozzle to the horizontal pipe, pipe rupture or damage at the top of the head, it is the recommended hinge joint (Qianqiu frame); This also helps to adjust the position of the head.

The small head can scatter in the range of use, as well as the rotation of the head in a larger range?

The lawn mower is mainly used for edging decorative gardens, grass green trimming, urban streets, green spots, garden pruning and weeding, especially in grassland and grassland parks, football fields and other land-use grasslands, private villa gardens, as well as grass and tree pruning in agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry. It can also be used at harvest.

Why is the nozzle flow ratio 1 to 4 on the middle corner side of the suction nozzle mounting head?

When the nozzle head is installed on the lawn, different flow nozzles shall be installed at the corners, edges and middle, starting from the spraying required by uniformity. We show that the flow nozzle has the same example: as a flow of 1000kg / h, a radius of 5m and a speed of 1 R / h. When the nozzle is in the middle, the circumference of 5m is watered to thousands of kilograms, when the magnetic head is at the edge, with the same rotation speed, the semicircle 180 has all the amount of radius back and forth with two degrees of freedom, so that half the amount of water per unit area of each circle larger than the semicircle in the above range of thousands of kilograms and twice the amount of 5m in the semicircle of radius, To ensure that the base semicircle has the same amount of water per unit area, the amount of water is the same as a complete circle, and the nozzle will have to be reduced to half the amount of water. Therefore, for the same reason, the middle nozzle angle 2 on the handle head 4.