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15PYT2Metal garden irrigation nozzle


time:2021/8/31 10:14:32

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Metal sprinkler gun
Brass shaf
Tinlet dimension: R3 / 4“
Diameter of nozzle: 4. 5x2. 5mm
Working pressure: 0. 2-0. 45MPa
Nozzle flow capacity: 1. 9-3m3 / h
Nozzle range: 10-16m

1、 Kind
1. The nozzle is divided into low pressure nozzle, medium pressure nozzle and high pressure nozzle according to the working pressure. Low pressure nozzle refers to the nozzle with working pressure less than 200KPa, medium pressure nozzle refers to the nozzle with working pressure of 200 ~ 500kpq, and the nozzle with working pressure greater than 500kPa is called high pressure nozzle. High pressure nozzles are rarely used, and medium pressure nozzles are often used in daily life. Medium pressure nozzles are generally used for sprinkler irrigation of field crops. Low pressure sprinklers are usually used in nurseries, young vegetables or urban grasslands and flowers.
2. According to the spray water flow mode, it is divided into refraction type, slit type, centrifugal type, rocker type, impeller type and reaction type. Characteristics of apron type: low pressure, good atomization effect, simple structure, low price and high sprinkler irrigation intensity. Features of jet type: long range, small jet intensity and reliable operation.