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20ph2h lawn metal rocker nozzle


time:2021-8-24 14:48:26

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20ph2h grassland metal rocker nozzle
metal sprinkler gun
copper air spindle brass shaft
interface dimension: RP1 "
nozzle diameter of nozzle: 7x4mm
working pressure: 0.3-0.4mpa
nozzle flow capacity: 4-4.63m3/h
nozzle range: 19-20.5m
this series of rocker nozzles are widely applicable to orchard sprinkler irrigation, farmland drainage and irrigation It is the most stable nozzle in dust removal, cooling and urban greening in factories and mines. The rocker arm and rotating shaft ensure the smooth operation of the nozzle; Small vibration, more resistant to the corrosion of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It is used in fixed, semi fixed and mobile sprinkler irrigation systems. It belongs to the medium and long range range. It is driven by water impact and works stably. H-type wear-resistant gasket, spring protective cover and channel bushing can prevent sand and dust from entering and excessive wear and prolong the service life of the nozzle

features: the rotation angle of the product is controllable, and two nozzles can spray and irrigate one place at a long distance at the same time. Fine structure, water volume and distance are adjusted left and right
Plastic (controllable angle) rotary sprinkler can be applied to automatic sprinkler irrigation and sprinkler irrigation in mountainous areas, slopes, flat farmland irrigation, urban street lawn green belt, garden plants, etc