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Application field of metal nozzle

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  • time:2021-9-1 10:39:00
Application field of metal nozzle

Metal nozzle is an industrial device. Next, let's take a look at the application fields of metal nozzles, which are roughly divided into cleaning, metallurgy and other aspects.
Metal nozzles are widely used in the field of cleaning. Metal nozzles are mainly used for strong sealing, high wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Mainly in the field of cleaning: cleaning of metal bottles and caps in food processing plants; Clean the articles on the metal suspension chain and wash the car; Wash the sand and stone on the metal screen; Pretreatment of filter screen, filter screen and metal surface; Cleaning of iron sand on conveyor belt; Cleaning of fruits and vegetables; Bottle and can cleaning; Cleaning of felt and mesh cloth in paper mill; High pressure cleaning; Sanitary equipment in food processing plants; Cleaning of metal tank and inner wall of container; Glass cleaning in mirror industry; Cleaning of electronic circuit board; Industrial equipment cleaning, etc.
The application of metal nozzle in metallurgical industry is also particularly important. It mainly makes use of the advantages of corrosion resistance and weldability of metal nozzle. It is mainly used in metallurgical fields: billet continuous casting, cleaning after pickling; Flue gas desulfurization of power plant and sintering plant; Thin slab continuous casting and coil cleaning; Belt transfer station, loading and unloading dust control; Dust removal of iron mixer and ash pressing at the outlet of rolling mill; High temperature dust removal, cold rolling blowing emulsion; Section steel and steel pipe cooling, converter dust removal; Steel pipe quenching, high-pressure descaling and oil coating before strip rolling; Mandrel lubrication, ammonia spraying on coke oven riser and mandrel cooling; Coking waste oil spraying and strip wetting of galvanizing line; Cleaning and rinsing of galvanized steel strip.
Cooling series, environmental protection series, papermaking series, humidification and elimination * series, spraying series and other fields are also widely used.