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What are the common types of garden sprinkler

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What are the common types of garden sprinkler

1、 Rocker nozzle
Rocker nozzle is a common sprinkler irrigation equipment in open air, and it is an important emitter in irrigation equipment. The nozzle has the advantages of balanced force, reliable working balance, long range, large flow regulation range and so on. Rocker nozzle is widely used in garden sprinkler irrigation, fruit and vegetable gardens, horticultural farms and other places, with stable performance. For fixed, semi fixed and mobile sprinkler irrigation systems. It belongs to medium and long range, with stable mining and high uniformity. There are three kinds of materials: copper, zinc alloy and plastic. It can be used as full circle or any fan
2、 Buried rotary nozzle
Buried rotary sprinkler is a kind of sprinkler widely used in garden irrigation. The main working principle is that the water flow drives the impeller inside the nozzle, and the impeller drives the gear to make the nozzle rotate at a uniform speed in the spraying process. Therefore, the buried rotary sprinkler is also called gear driven sprinkler. The buried rotary sprinkler has a large spraying radius. According to products of different specifications, the spraying radius ranges from 5m * 25m. Each large-diameter special sprinkler can reach a spraying radius of more than 30m.
3、 Buried scattering nozzle
The buried scattering nozzle is a low-pressure short-range nozzle, which is mainly used for small lawns and green spaces whose water source is conventional tap water system. The materials are generally engineering plastics and stainless steel, which are corrosion-resistant. Easy installation and corrosion resistance. The boundary of spraying pattern is clear, which helps to reduce water waste and uniform spraying intensity. It is widely used for lawn greening, roof cooling, etc.
4、 Buried ray nozzle
Buried ray sprinkler is a form of sprinkler irrigation that has gradually become popular in recent years. The utility model has the advantages of convenient adjustment of spraying angle and range, reducing unnecessary excessive spraying, and small flow of ray nozzle compared with buried scattering nozzle. For example, at a distance of 5.5m with the same spraying radius, when the scattering nozzle sprays 360 ° in full circle, the spraying flow per unit nozzle is 1.21m ³/ h. In the same case, the flow of ray nozzle is only 0.3m ³/ h。 In addition, the spraying effect of the ray nozzle is ray shaped, the spraying effect is beautiful, and has a certain landscape effect.
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