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50py2h metal rocker nozzle


time:2021-8-24 14:48:01

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50py2h metal rocker nozzle, metal sprinkler gun, copper air spindle brass shaft, interface dimension: rp21 / 2 ", nozzle diameter of nozzle: 18x5.5mm, working pressure: 0.4-0.5mpa, nozzle flow capacity: 24.97-27.89m3/h, nozzle range: 35-38m
it is widely used in orchard sprinkler irrigation, farmland drainage and irrigation, factory and mine dust removal, cooling Urban greening and other places. And the irrigation performance of various cash crops is better. The products and equipment have the advantages of light weight, water pressure resistance, fast disassembly, small water loss and long service life
mainly engaged in irrigation equipment, sprinkler and agricultural irrigation. At the same time, we can also customize various sprinkler heads according to customers' requirements
forms and classification of green sprinkler heads: the combination forms of green sprinkler heads are mainly terrain, wind and other factors, which can generally be divided into rectangular combination forms and triangular combination forms. Rectangular combination form: the layout is relatively simple, and the flow distribution of each branch pipe is relatively uniform, which is mainly used for regular plots; Triangular combination form: it has the advantages of strong wind resistance and high spraying uniformity, but it is not easy to keep the flow of each branch pipe balanced. It is mainly used in irregular plots
the greening sprinkler is used to break the water into small water droplets under the action of pressure, and can spray it evenly and regularly on the locked green space. The types of green sprinkler include micro sprinkler, buried sprinkler, rocker sprinkler, spray gun, etc