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50BPZ-35Water pump


time:2021/9/10 13:59:46

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Water pump model: 50bpz-35

Inlet and outlet diameter: 2 ''

Flow: 14m3 / h

Lift: 35m

Speed: 2900 R / min

Power: 52%

Self priming performance: 60 s / 5m

Shaft power: 2.57kw

Suction lift: 8M

Supporting power: 2.94kw (4HP)

Self priming pump is widely used in orchard sprinkler irrigation, farmland drainage and irrigation, factory and mine dust removal, cooling, urban greening and other places. It is advisable to inhale clean water and liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water; It has the characteristics of high working efficiency, good self-priming performance, small volume, convenient installation and use, wide application range and so on.

Starting and operation of self-priming pump

1. Click on the self-priming pump and pay attention to whether the rotation direction of the pump shaft is correct.

2. Pay attention to whether there is abnormal sound and vibration during rotation.

3. Pay attention to the readings of the pressure gauge and vacuum gauge. After starting, when the readings of the pressure gauge and vacuum gauge fluctuate for a period of time and the indication is stable, it indicates that the pump has been filled with liquid and enters the normal infusion process


4. Before the pump enters the normal infusion operation, that is, during the self suction process, pay special attention to the rise of water temperature in the pump. If this process is too long and the water temperature in the pump is too high, stop the pump and check the cause.

5. If the temperature of the liquid in the pump is too high and it is difficult to self-priming, it can be stopped temporarily, and the liquid in the discharge pipeline can be used to flow back to the pump, or the liquid storage port on the pump body can be added directly to the pump

Fill the liquid to cool the liquid in the pump, and then start it.

6. If the pump has strong vibration and noise during operation, it may be caused by cavitation of the pump. There are two reasons for cavitation: one is that the flow rate of the inlet pipe is too large, and the other is that the suction lift is too high.

When the flow is relatively high, the outlet control valve can be adjusted to increase the reading of the pressure gauge. When the water inlet pipe is blocked, it shall be removed in time; When the suction lift is too high, the installation height of the pump can be appropriately reduced.