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Common faults and solutions of sprinkler head

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  • time:2021/8/24 14:13:00
Common faults and solutions of sprinkler head

The nozzle can be said to be an important accessory of sprinkler irrigation equipment. When the sprinkler irrigation equipment is in use, it sprays water into the air through the sprinkler, so that the water is scattered on the ground in the form of raindrops, infiltrates into the soil and irrigates the farmland. However, in the process of daily use, the nozzle may have some faults. What are the common faults? Xiaobian helped you sort it out and put forward solutions for you. Isn't it very considerate
1. Abnormal water tongue. Abnormal water tongue may be caused by the problem of nozzle processing accuracy, burr or damage. The nozzle shall be polished smooth or replaced. It may also be seriously damaged inside the nozzle, and the nozzle shall be replaced in time. It may also be blocked by foreign matters inside the nozzle. The nozzle shall be disassembled. It may also be distorted and deformed by the rectifier, and the rectifier shall be repaired or replaced
2. The shape of water tongue is acceptable, but the range is not enough. In case of insufficient range, the nozzle speed may be too fast, so the nozzle speed shall be appropriately reduced, or the working pressure may not be enough, and the pressure shall be increased according to the design requirements
3. The rotating part of the nozzle leaks. In case of water leakage at the rotating part of the nozzle, the gasket may be worn, the water stop rubber ring is damaged or improperly installed, and it shall be replaced or reinstalled; If sediment enters the gasket and the sealing end face is not closely matched, it shall be disassembled for cleaning. If the processing accuracy of the nozzle is not enough, it shall be repaired or replaced
4. The rocker nozzle does not rotate or rotates slowly. When the nozzle does not rotate or rotates slowly, the reason may be that the gap between the spindle and the shaft sleeve is too small, and the gap shall be increased by turning or grinding; It may also be that the shaft sleeve is tightened too tightly during installation, and the shaft sleeve shall be loosened appropriately. It may also be blocked by sediment between the spindle and the shaft sleeve. It shall be disassembled and cleaned before reinstallation
5. The opening angle of the rocker arm is too small or cannot be thrown away. When this fault occurs, the reason may be that the rocker arm and rocker arm shaft fit too tightly and the resistance is too large. The clearance shall be increased appropriately, or the rocker arm spring shall be pressed too tightly, and the spring pressure shall be reduced appropriately, otherwise the rocker arm may be installed too high to cut into the water tongue. The position of the rocker arm should be lowered properly. If the water supply pressure is insufficient, the working pressure of water supply shall be appropriately increased

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