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Technical requirements of self-priming pump before installation

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  • time:2022/3/9 14:41:00
Technical requirements of self-priming pump before installation

The self-priming pump absorbs water by generating a low-pressure area in the self-priming pump due to the high-speed rotation of the impeller. Therefore, the self-priming pump must ensure that its water inlet pipe does not leak, that is, to ensure that the external air cannot enter the water inlet pipe. Otherwise, it will not only affect the efficiency of the water pump, but also produce serious vibration and noise during the operation of the water pump.

The technical requirements of self-priming pump before installation are very critical:

1. Before installing the self-priming pump, it must be confirmed that the length and height of the inlet pipeline cannot exceed the allowable suction range of the self-priming pump.

2. The inlet pipeline must not have air leakage. It should be fully sealed. Even if there are small holes with large needle holes, it will affect the self-priming capacity of the self-priming pump.

3. The self-priming pump cannot be installed cheaply. When some users take the newly purchased self-priming pump for use, they directly put the wooden strip base of the factory fixed self-priming pump and the self-priming pump on the ground for use. This method is not desirable, which can easily lead to vibration and noise of the self-priming pump and mechanical failure of the self-priming pump. The correct method is to fix the pump base on a solid flat platform or hard ground.

4. When installing the self-priming pump, try not to fix it on the bracket welded with channel steel, because there are too few contact surfaces between the channel steel and the pump. While tightening the base screws, a large part of the pump base is suspended, so it is easy to damage the concentricity of the base and coupling. Therefore, the self-priming pump installed on the channel steel bracket is prone to large vibration and the coupling is easy to be damaged.

In case of insufficient or no water output from the water pump during work, first consider whether there is air entering the water inlet pipe due to sand holes, cracks or loose joints, and observe it to find out the air inlet. Some defects are so subtle that it is difficult to find them directly with the naked eye. They are often laborious and time-consuming without results.