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Principle and application of rocker nozzle

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Principle and application of rocker nozzle

A guide plate (water baffle) and the leading edge of the guide plate rocker arm are installed on the rocker arm shaft above the nozzle. When the pressure water is ejected from the nozzle, through the vent, the impact guide plate causes the rocker to move tangentially and rotate around the console at an angle, and then returns under the action of the torsion spring and the impact nozzle to rotate at an angle. Repeat this operation and the nozzle can rotate one turn If a limiting mechanism and a switch mechanism are installed on the nozzle to rotate the nozzle backward by a certain angle, fan-shaped irrigation can be carried out. For medium pressure fixed irrigation system. For the vertical swing nozzle, the reaction force generated when the air flow strikes the front guide plate of the vertical swing makes the nozzle rotate intermittently, and the swing arm rotates through the rear counterweight. After the nozzle rotates at any angle, contact the limiter, push the shoulder backward to the front of the nozzle through the transmission arm, cut in or out of the nozzle, and make the nozzle rotate back quickly Nozzle has the advantages of force balance, reliable working balance, long mileage, wide flow regulation range and so on. However, high pressure and complex design are required.

Rocker nozzle is widely used in field sprinkler irrigation, open-air nursery, fruit and vegetable garden, horticultural field and other places. It is one of the most widely used nozzles with the most stable performance. The rocker arm and rotating shaft ensure the stable operation of the nozzle; Small vibration, more resistant to chemical fertilizer and pesticide corrosion. It is used in fixed, semi fixed and mobile sprinkler irrigation systems. It belongs to medium and long range, adopts water impact drive, works stably, H-type wear-resistant gasket, spring protective cover and channel bushing, which can prevent sand and dust from entering and excessive wear, and prolong the service life of the nozzle. The side auxiliary nozzle has a low angle to make up for the water distribution near, and the uniformity is high. There are three kinds of materials: copper, zinc alloy and plastic. With reversing mechanism, it can spray in full circle or any sector. Wear reducing sealing ring, unique rocker arm design, long service life and stable performance.