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Garden irrigation equipment in the sprinkler nozzle which kinds

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  • time:2021/10/22 9:02:00
Garden irrigation equipment in the sprinkler nozzle which kinds

In the garden maintenance work, the real-time irrigation of vegetation is the main core, and the garden irrigation is mainly irrigated by sprinkler irrigation equipment, mainly because the density of garden vegetation is high, the distribution is uniform, and certain aesthetic needs, so the garden sprinkler irrigation equipment is the preferred irrigation equipment for garden irrigation. It is also very important to choose sprinkler equipment to adapt to garden vegetation. Sprinkler head is mainly used as the type of sprinkler head in garden irrigation equipment. What kinds of sprinkler head are there?

1. Rocker nozzle

Rocker sprinkler head is a common sprinkler head in garden sprinkler equipment. As the name implies, in the sprinkler process, rocker sprinkler head is rotating and shaking at the same time of sprinkler irrigation, so as to meet the needs of circular sprinkler coverage. Rocker arm nozzle don't need to rotate, extra power is able to achieve internal rocker arm shaft rotation because of sprinkler nozzle design have a manger, the manger to offset with water in a certain Angle, when the manger, running water to produce tangential radial movement, rocker arm shaft rotate, compressing and connected to the rocker arm torsion spring, when the rotation to a certain degree, Then, under the reaction force of torsion spring, it rotates and hits the nozzle outlet repeatedly to achieve rotary irrigation.

Rocker nozzle has a long range, large coverage area, adjustable flow rate, and excellent stability. It can be used for the vast majority of sprinkler irrigation needs. It is a kind of more general garden sprinkler irrigation equipment. The disadvantage is that the water pressure required by sprinkler irrigation is high, the structure is complex and the cost is high, and the water column of sprinkler irrigation is not evenly scattered, so the uniformity of irrigation is also average.

2, micro sprinkler head

Micro-sprinkler belongs to micro-sprinkler irrigation series products, and the working water pressure is much lower than the rocker sprinkler head. The main types of micro-sprinkler head are atomizing sprinkler head, ground insert 360-degree full circle sprinkler head, ground insert rotating micro-sprinkler head, upside down 360-degree full circle sprinkler head, upside down rotating micro-sprinkler head, refraction atomizing micro-sprinkler head, etc. The micro-nozzle has small volume, simple structure, convenient installation, atomization, and uniform and exquisite sprinkler effect. Compared with the rocker nozzle, the micro-nozzle has smaller flow, smaller coverage area, and is easy to be blocked if the water quality is poor. Micro sprinkler also has good ornamental, so it is also the main sprinkler irrigation equipment in garden.

3. Telescopic sprinkler head

The telescopic sprinkler head is also known as the lifting sprinkler head, the telescopic sprinkler head can be sunk when the water is not flowing, lower than or flat on the ground, when the water is flowing, under the action of water pressure, the sprinkler head will be sprayed, ranging from a few centimeters to dozens of centimeters on the ground, and the irrigation began. Retractable sprinkler head is also generally added to the rotation design, so it can also be circular cover sprinkler irrigation. The retractable sprinkler head is mainly suitable for lawn irrigation because of its low starting point. The main advantage is good hiding, no water irrigation basic can not see, completely does not affect the beautiful layout of the garden. Disadvantages and rocker nozzle similar.